Liquefaction analyses & remediation methods

Selected projects (significant contribution):

  • (2001) Soil improvement against seismic liquefaction at a residential building complex, in Xilokastro of Korinthia, on behalf of Gi and Kataskeyi A.E.
  • (2002) Liquefaction Analysis and Pipe Schedule Verification at Gallikos River Crossing, Thessalloniki to Skopje Crude Oil Pipeline, on behalf of C&M Engineering L.t.d.
  • (2006) Final Study of Strymonas Bridge Crossing TY2 (k.s.6+384 to 7+304): Liquefaction analyses, Checker’s report, on behalf of Egnatia Odos S.A.
  • (2012) Highway Gouria – Astakos: Soil improvement, seismic ground response analyses and liquefaction analysis (on behalf of Geosynolo EPE)