Konstantinos Andrianopoulos - Civil Engineer, Ph.D.


Research Activity

Since 2000, Dr. Konstantinos I. Andrianopoulos has taken part in eight large research projects, has been the co-author of 26 scientific publications and has been a reviewer in six international scientific journals. His main research areas are:

  • Computational methods in Geotechnical and Earthquake Engineering
  • Soil dynamics
  • Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
  • Constitutive modeling
  • Seismic behavior of dams
  • Liquefaction
1 Selected research projects (with significant contribution)
2 Publications in International Journals (peer reviewed)
3 Invited Conference Papers - Book Chapters (peer reviewed)
4 Publications in International Conferences Proceeding (peer reviewed)
5 Publications in Hellenic Conferences Proceeding (peer reviewed)
6 Academic theses (submitted in fulfillment of studies)
7 Reviewer of international scientific journals