Konstantinos Andrianopoulos - Civil Engineer, Ph.D.

Software CERVERA - FARIA MODEL – A continuum damage model

CERVERA - FARIA MODEL – A continuum damage model

Cervera – Faria model is a continuum damage model (Cervera et al. 1995, Faria et al. 1998) that characterizes the mechanical behavior of concrete, and it is used to evaluate the safety of concrete dams subjected to severe seismic actions. It is an isotropic model which allows for tension and compression damage, and exhibits stiffness recovery upon load reversals and it is particularly suitable for large-scale problems due to its explicit format. It is based on the definition of the effective stress concept, which is introduced in connection with the hypothesis of strain equivalence: the strain associated with a damaged state under the applied stress σ is equivalent to the strain associated with its undamaged state under the effective stress σ.

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