Konstantinos Andrianopoulos - Civil Engineer, Ph.D.

Research Selected research projects (with significant contribution)

Selected research projects (with significant contribution)

  • (2000), "Analysis of Seismic Risk of Soils in Ano Liossia Municipality", NTUA, prepared for the Technical Division of Ano Liossia Municipality, July, (in Greek)
  • (2002), "Numerical modeling of the response of soils and foundations under dynamic loading", Final Report, prepared for the NTUA - EPISEY (Archimedes project, in Greek).
  • (2003), "Seismic design of geo-structures under liquefaction regime", University of Thessaly, prepared for the Earthquake Protection and Planning Organization of Greece ( Ο.Α.Σ.Π. ), September, (in Greek)
  • (2005), "Earthquake Protection - Seismic risk management in urban and semi-urban regions of the Korinthos Prefecture in Greece", Final Report, prepared for the Peloponnesus District, October (in Greek).
  • (2007), "Foundation of Technical Works in Seismically Problematic Soils (Χ-SOILS)", N.T.U.A, prepared for Ministry of Development - G.S.R.T., February (in Greek).
  • (2008), "Development of a numerical algorithm for the dynamic elastoplastic analysis of geotechnical structures in 2 and 3 dimensions", N.T.U.A., Program for Development of Basic Research (Lefkippos)
  • (2009), "Estimation of seismic coefficients for the seismic stability analyses of earthdam slopes: Phase B", N.T.U.A. for Public Power Corporation
  • (2010), "Reconnaissance study for ground settlements in Karla Municipality", U.Th. for Karla Municipality
  • (2013) NANO-LIQ: Mitigation of Seismic Liquefaction in the Foundation Soil of Existing Structures via Pore Fluid Enrichment with Environmentally Safe Nano – Particles (University of Thessaly, Greece)
  • (2013) POSEIDON: Multi-purpose floating structures for offshore wind and wave energy sources exploitation (NTUA)