Design of shallow & deep foundations for static & seismic conditions

Selected projects (significant contribution):

  • (2001) Soil improvement against seismic liquefaction at a residential building complex, in Xilokastro of Korinthia, on behalf of Gi and Kataskeyi A.E.
  • (2005) Geotechnical report for the foundation design of P.O.T.A.  infrastructure, Checker’s review, on behalf ot TEMES S.A
  • (2010) Seismic response analysis of Bridge G10 Ch.161 535, part of the Central Greece Motorway E-65, on behalf of Ferrovial Agroman S.A
  • (2010) Consultancy services for the design of the OP93 overpass, part of the Ionia Odos Motorway, against fault movements, on behalf of  Ferrovial Agroman S.A
  • (2012) Bearing capacity calculations for the shotcrete retaining walls and artificial walls of Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort – UAE World Desert, on behalf of Salfo and Associates S.A.